🌐 Interactive Lesson/Workshops $20
Virtual workshops and interactive lessons on various topics, allowing kids to learn and collaborate with others
🚀 Access to Mentors $25
Mentorship programs where experienced kids can guide and inspire younger members in their areas of interest
📚 Library of educational materials for learning and personal development $5
Access to a library of educational materials, such as e-books, videos, and interactive lessons, to support kids' learning and personal development
📖 Book club $5
Love for reading and critical thinking. Select age-appropriate books and host discussions or reading challenges. This encourages kids to explore literature and share their thoughts with others
🗣️ Speaking club $8
Kids can practice their language skills through conversations and discussions, helping them increase their vocabulary
🌍 Kid2Kid Community

Join our community

You've made the right decision to consider joining us.
🌟 Kid2Kid is here to help kids like you stay active and learn new things! We believe that you are special and your unique skills and passions are incredibly valuable to our community.
💡 Parents, you can relax knowing that your child is using their time wisely and growing in many ways. 🚀 Join us on this exciting journey of self-discovery, and let's build a better world together with Kid2Kid! 🌍
TOTAL: $55/month
TODAY ONLY: $25/month
🧠 Unique opportunities for language practice and intellectual growth (Priceless)
Promote social interaction and critical thinking skills among community members
💪 Prepare for Real-world situations (Priceless)
Gain confidence in handling real-life situations, from school activities to travelling abroad
🌎 Access to native speakers (Priceless)
Kids can improve their language skills by interacting with native speakers and peers
👫🏼 Peer Support (Priceless)
Kids can connect with peers from different cultures and backgrounds, cross-cultural friendships
🎨 Project Collaboration (Priceless)
Encourage kids to collaborate on creative projects, both educational and recreational, providing them with a space to showcase their talents and ideas
🤝 Community Insight Sessions (Experience)
Join our open meetups as a Kid2Kid community member. Explore how we create new products and share your ideas to shape our future lessons. Your feedback matters, and together, we shape the learning experience